These Bikers Found A Chewed Up Crate. What They Found Inside Changed Their Lives…

by Elyse Wanshel
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The men spotted an animal carrier off to the side of the road and it looked like it had been there for quite some time.

When they got closer, they noticed the top of the carrier had been chewed. Something inside was desperately trying to get out.

They quickly unlocked the carrier and were shocked to find that an emaciated dog was caged inside. The inside of the crate was covered in waste. Once they finally lured her out, she was hunched over from being stuck inside a small space for so long.

The men brought her some dog food, and she excitedly woofed it down.

The men briefly left her and came back with a truck to tote her away from this sad scene.

Yet, as soon as she got inside the car, she showed her gratitude. They named her Charlie Bravo, or CB for short.

When they got her home, they gave her and both and noticed something shocking. They had to get her professional help. See her transformation on page two...

CB’s next stop was a visit to the vet. She had nails that were so long they had grown backwards into her paws. She was having a hard time walking and everyone was concerned.

As vets dressed the sores that had developed from being confined for so long, they estimated that CB was about eight months old when she was found. But no one knows exactly how long she was trapped in that box.

Bret thinks that it was a considerable amount of time considering that CB’s paws, which are actually white, were stained dark from all the filth she had been lying in.

Bret wasn’t initially planning on keeping CB, but after nursing her back to health, he couldn’t part with her.

Can you blame him?


CB is now safe in a loving home.

It’s obvious her new family adores her.

Elyse Wanshel

When CB’s story hit the internet via a Facebook page, the family received donations that helped pay for her medical bills.

The donations exceeded the costs of CB's vet bills, so the Winingars plan on donating the leftover funds to local animal shelters.

Being that the family currently has four rescue dogs living under their roof, they are also thinking about setting up their own foundation for rescue animals.

It would be named “Charlie’s Angels.”

It would be named “Charlie’s Angels.”

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