There’s A Shop That Sells Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Dog, And Wow, You’re Welcome In Advance

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Calling all future brides! You can now buy a bridesmaid dress for your dog, and in fact, you have to.

It is no longer legal to get married, own a dog, and not put the dog in a bridesmaid dress. Consider yourself warned.

The dog bridesmaid dresses are available from the Posh Paws Company on Etsy, a shop based in Birmingham, UK. The satin dresses come in five sizes and 12 colors, and they are just perfect in every way!!!

Let’s face it — us dog owners are becoming more and more obsessed with our dogs as the years go on. Once upon a time, it may have been a rare novelty to see a dog in a wedding ceremony, but it’s now fairly common.

Pets are family!

Now that these dog bridesmaid dresses exist, you could even have… an entire bridal party of dogs instead of people?

You can now buy a bridesmaid dress for your dog, rendering human friends obsolete. Can you imagine the amount of drama you could avoid by having an all-canine bridal party?!

The dogsmaid dresses are being sold by a shop on Etsy called the Posh Paws Company. They are made from soft satin with lining, and they look as elegant as any bridesmaid dress should!

They’re also practical. Note that there’s a hole on the top, so you can still leash your dog easily without disturbing the dress.

“So the big day coming up; not sure [what’s] happening with poochy on the day. Well why not complete your day by including your pooch in the bridal party, as one of your bridesmaids,” the shop’s item description reads.

“Our beautifully handmade bridesmaid gowns,” the post continues. “Created with detailed collar, fully lined bodice.”

“Shoulder is finished with gathered frill to give the impression of fitted sleeves. The bottom is a full bodied skirt, rounded off and tapered into the underbelly, with layers of netting to promote fullness in skirt. There is a bow at the waist with [tails].”

The dresses are available in 12 colors, and there’s something for everyone. You can even send in your own fabric if you want to match it with your human bridesmaid dresses.

You can also choose between a matching satin hair slide or headband bow.

For a dog dress, these gowns are kinda pricey, but for a bridesmaid dress, they’re very affordable! They range from $80 to $147, depending on the size of your pup.

If you want a more understated pup wedding look and/or don’t think you’ll be able to wrangle your dog into a gown, the Posh Paws Company also sells these simple yet classy bows.

And if your dog is sitting around like, “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride :(” — WELL, the shop sells wedding dresses for dogs as well. Now all she needs is a doggy husband/wife.

Needless to say, the whole world is very lucky that these dresses are now available in an easily shoppable form. If anything, people are wondering why they weren’t around sooner.

Because dog lovers have been including their pooches in their weddings for a long time now, and it’s only getting more popular. A flower girl is probably a more common role for dogs than a bridesmaid, but it’s time to step it up a notch, people!

And now you don’t have to force a seamstress or your mother-in-law to make a dress for your dog. You can just head on over to an online shop and put in your order.

Just please post ALL the photos, because we need to see this doggy bridesmaid dress in action.