Dog Bravely Jumps Into Lake When She Realizes Her Human Is Drowning

by Paul Morris
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The relationship that humans have with dogs is truly incredible. While it’s true that different species of animals can have friendships of a sort, the fact of the matter is that dogs and humans are just made to be with each other.

The below video perfectly shows just how intertwined our species are with one another, and while the dog is saving her human this time around, something tells us that her human would do the exact same thing.

This dog seems to be enjoying a nice afternoon near a lake. Her human is splashing around and swimming, and the whole time she’s been keeping a watchful eye on the situation. Suddenly, it seems as if her human is struggling a bit in the water, but he still seems to be OK, but a few moments after that, this situation suddenly turned dangerous.

With his face submerged and his body not moving, this dog instantly saw that there was a problem. In less than a second, she bolted up to her feet and leapt as far into the lake as possible in order to get to her human. She bites down on his hand and begins to pull him to safety, refusing to let go of his hand until he seems out of danger.

While the man wasn’t actually drowning this time around, something tell us with a dog like that keeping an eye on him, he’ll never have to worry about that as a danger. While the dog did a great job at saving her human, her human would obviously do the exact same thing if he saw his baby in danger!

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