Dog Refuses To Take A Bath, So Mom Resorts To Dragging Him Across The Floor

by Nicoletta Richardson

We all have a tendency to make situations much more dramatic than they have to be, especially when it comes to doing tasks we don’t want to do.

Some days, instead of taking on life’s responsibilities and getting out of bed like a real person, all we want to do is be lazy and do absolutely nothing. (It’s actually been proven that being lazy does have some mental and physical benefits — just saying.)

And sometimes, we give others a hard time for pushing us to be productive and take responsibility for what we need to do — how annoying, right?

This 5-year-old golden retriever–chow mix named Tres — aka Temperamental Tres — shows us how frustrating that can really be when his owner, Molly Nail, tries to make him do the unforgivable in a video posted earlier this month.

She tries to get him to take a bath.

Tough life, right? But Tres is a stubborn one, and doesn’t go down without a fair fight.

Molly approaches Tres and pats him on the side as he lies down flat on the carpet, trying to motivate him as much as possible to get up himself. For the next full minute, Molly lifts Tres up and maneuvers him around, but doesn’t get very far.

That’s when she tries another tactic: grab him by the front legs and pull.

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