Mourning Dog Appears At Owner’s Funeral 15 Days After Vanishing

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

The bond between dogs and their humans is so special.

To many, their furry friends are just as important to them as family members are.

Though some may not think that dogs share the same love and compassion toward their owners, there are plenty of miraculous stories out there that seem to prove otherwise.

When they get lost, dogs will walk amazing distances to find their homes and humans again, seemingly running off of nothing but their need to be back in loving arms.

Some sweet dogs have even given their lives for their families like this amazing pooch who saved a little girl in the middle of a fire.

But Bayron’s story is definitely one of the sweetest I’ve heard; after this dog’s owner’s health worsens and she passes away, he goes missing and is presumed gone forever.

But he turns up again in the most amazing place imaginable — the owner’s funeral.

Check below to learn more about this amazing dog who defied the odds to say goodbye to his mommy.

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Doña Rosalba Quiroz’s family and friends gathered at her funeral in Mexico to say goodbye. 

Then they were greeted by a miraculous guest: her beloved dog, Bayron, who had gone missing 15 days prior. 

Quiroz and her beloved dog lived on a ranch, where she had been battling cancer before going to live with relatives after her health deteriorated.

But she would still return to care for Bayron, who stayed behind.  

But her health worsened and she couldn’t return, so she asked her family to take care of him in her place.

Unfortunately, when they went back to the ranch to retrieve him, he was nowhere to be found.

Quiroz passed away over the next couple of weeks and everyone assumed that they would never see poor Bayron again. 

That was until he amazingly showed up at the funeral procession, eager to say goodbye to his late mommy.

“We normally don’t let animals in, but the dog was howling and scratching at the door, so we brought him in,” the funeral home staff worker explained to El Sol.

Once inside the grieving doggy lied alongside Quiroz’s coffin to be close with her one last time. 

He even got up to view the body with all of the guests.

“We’ve never seen a case like this,” explained the owner of the funeral home. “We’re all surprised how the animal without knowing arrived alone to say goodbye to his owner.”

The sweet doggy proves that pet love is stronger than distance or even death.

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