Dog Adopts 8 Orphaned Piglets And Even Breastfeeds Her New ‘Babies’

by Kristin Avery
Kristin shares a Chicago home with a dog, a rabbit, two cats, a husband, and an 11-year-old daughter.

Some animals are just natural moms. Whether they are caring for their own babies or adopted little ones, they are gentle, kind, patient, and protective.

Treasure the dog is one of these superhero animal moms.

The brown-and-white boxer from Australia recently adopted eight rescued piglets. Now, their family videos are going viral.

Treasure herself is a rescue, and her human family doesn’t know much about her past or whether she has experience caring for puppies. However, they say their sweet dog never hesitated at the chance of motherhood, even interspecies motherhood. She immediately stepped up and took the precious pigs under her wing (or rather, paw).

Amazingly, she has even started producing milk and is quite protective over her new adopted babies. When they squeal, Treasure comes running.

This video is beyond adorable and might just blow your mind with the extreme cuteness. Just make sure you are not drinking something while watching because it could possibly come out of your nose when you start giggling and smiling uncontrollably.

Watch as the precious piglets nuzzle their new mom, climbing on top of each other to get as close to her as possible. Treasure seems delighted as she takes the whole thing in stride. Clearly a mother’s love transcends species and conquers all!

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