Dog Abandoned At An Iowa Church Finds His Forever Home

by Jessica Rothhaar
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Truman was first spotted on a Sunday morning in February outside of a church in Iowa.

The abandoned pup appeared to be patiently waiting for whomever had left him there.

All he had with him was a rawhide bone and a small bag of dog food. Little did Truman know, his owners had no intention of coming back.

Truman’s story may sound like a sad one, but fortunately for him, it was just beginning.

Several passersby felt sorry for the lonely, loyal dog and called for help. Like any other animal lover, they believed Truman deserved a chance to join a truly loving family, similarly to this baby pit bull who was saved by a firefighter and then adopted!

Truman was taken to a nearby rescue center, Agape Fosters, where his journey to finding a forever home was about to begin.

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[H/T: The Dodo]

This is the church where Truman was first spotted.

He was planted in the same spot where his previous owners had left him. He was quite skittish and resisted anyone who tried to approach him.

Jessica Ellers, a local resident, got in touch with Agape Fosters founder, Dianna Helmers. Dianna went out to see if she could coax Truman into her vehicle, but the loyal dog wouldn’t leave his post.

Eventually, Dianna and her husband successfully loaded the dog into their car and took him back to the shelter to get cleaned up.

The poor pup was shy and suffered from worms and a sore on his leg, possibly from lying on the same bed of rocks while he waited for his old owners.

Dianna and her husband decided to name him Truman, meaning “a faithful man.”

As you can see, Truman cleaned up quite nicely.

And after the Dodo and other media outlets caught wind of Truman’s story, several people from around the U.S. reached out to adopt him!

In particular, Truman caught the eye of Melissa Karsten. Melissa had worked with Agape Fosters in the past, and Dianna thought the two may be a good match.

After attending a fund-raiser event with Truman, Melissa decided to take him home for good.

“He may be enjoying being a house dog for the very first time,” noted Dianna.

Just by looking at Truman’s face in this photo, it’s undeniable that he is now a very happy boy!

It is hard to understand why anyone would leave a pet as sweet as Truman to fend for himself.

Many times, animals are abandoned because their owners are too old to continue taking care of them, their owners can’t afford to feed them, or their owners are moving away.

Dianna stresses the importance of considering adoption before going out to buy a pet from a breeder. It may be the difference between an animal that gets left behind and an animal that is offered a forever home.

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