Doctors Defend Themselves For Sharing Bikini Pics After Study Criticizes ‘Inappropriate’ Attire

by Amy Paige
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The Journal of Vascular Surgery recently published an article that has offended many medical professionals across the country.

Authors and editors of the study said they were attempting to warn young heart surgeons about the risks of posting “unprofessional” photos on their social media pages.

The study — which was led by men — involved male researchers scouring public social accounts of graduating vascular surgery trainees from 2016 to 2018.

Researchers looked at so-called “potentially unprofessional content,” which included photos that showed the medical trainees “provocatively” posing in bathing suits.

The backlash to the “cringeworthy” study happened so quickly and so fiercely that the journal has reportedly retracted the article.

Now doctors are sharing even more photos on their social pages while wearing their bathing suits in response, and defending their right to do so without judgment.

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