4 Hospitals Tell Mom Her Sick Newborn Is Inoperable, Then One Doctor Comes Forward To Save Him

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Making sure your baby is happy and healthy is every mothers’ top priority.

To do so, moms will often go to whatever lengths necessary. But sometimes the situation is beyond their control. I can’t imagine the pain that accompanies those situations.

But Sarah Lemons can.

Her baby Calvin was born with a very rare heart condition. The left side of his heart was so underdeveloped that doctors tended to say he was born with “half a heart.”

On top of only having “half a heart,” tiny Calvin suffered a stroke.

Sarah took her baby to four hospitals, but they all denied him the lifesaving surgery he needed, saying he was inoperable. If he didn’t get help, Calvin would die — but no one was willing to save his life.

Sarah didn’t know what to do, so she took her fight to social media. Someone online told her to reach out to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami. There, she met Dr. Redmond Burke.

Someone, finally, was willing to operate on Calvin.

The operation was risky, but Dr. Redmond knew he wanted to try. When learning others said Calvin was inoperable, Dr. Redmond responded, “We hate that word here.

“We felt like we could find a way,” he added. So they did.

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