Flight Attendant Sees Doctor’s Bright Summer Romper And Kicks Her Off For Being ‘Inappropriate’

by Amy Paige
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Dr. Latisha Rowe boarded a plane with her 8-year-old son. They were going from Jamaica to Miami. But before the plane left the gate, a flight attendant approached Latisha and instructed her and her son to de-board.

Back inside the terminal, the flight attendant asked Latisha if she could cover up her romper with a jacket. Latisha didn’t have a jacket, though, being that she was just coming back from Jamaica, and it’s summertime.

Latisha was shocked when the employee prohibited her from getting back on the plane “dressed like that.” She was then handed a blanket and was told to cover herself up while walking back down the aisle and back to her seat. She was absolutely humiliated that she had been scolded about her appearance in front of her son.

After landing in Florida, Latisha took to social media to share her infuriating travel experience. She uploaded a couple of selfies she took in the airport bathroom to show the world the bright and colorful romper deemed too inappropriate for air travel.

“It’s infuriating that they did this in front of her baby,” one YouTube commenter writes. “It’s infuriating all around but really, the son is right there. Leave her be. She was fully covered. And she looked great. I’m glad she spoke up.”

The airline has formally apologized to Latisha … but she says she’s not fully satisfied yet with the response and is calling for a more fair policy.

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