Doctor Who Survived COVID-19 Gets Banned From Donating Plasma Because Of His Sexuality

by Amy P
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Dr. Dillon Barron is an emergency room doctor in Chicago, providing around-the-clock care for patients with COVID-19.

While working in direct contact with his patients on the front line, Dillon himself contracted the virus.

Eventually, he made a full recovery. Dillon, understanding firsthand as a doctor that his “antibody rich plasma” could help save the lives of others, was ready and willing to donate his plasma.

The pandemic has caused blood shortages, so these donations could be critical. And though it’s not yet proven, many medical professionals believe that those who have already had COVID-19 have built up antibodies in their blood system that could prevent the virus from coming back again in the future.

But when Dillon tried make his plasma donation, he was turned away in accordance with donation rules laid out by the Food and Drug Administration.

Now Dillon and many others say the reason behind this rule is not rooted in science, but in bigotry.

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