Learn The Fast And Easy Way To Fix A Stuck Zipper

by Laura Caseley
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Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Zippers are a pretty fantastic invention. They’re fast, easy, and they keep your clothing secure and snug around you, which is especially important in cold weather!

But when they break, zippers can be a nightmare. And short of replacing the whole zipper, it’s totally unwearable! Especially when you’re talking about pants.

However, clothing is much more versatile — and fixable — than you might think. Just as you can turn an old sweater into a pair of mittens without sewing a stitch, you can repair a broken zipper in a jiffy without any sewing!

In fact, this fix is so fast, you’ll find yourself wearing the offending zipper within minutes! No more throwing away perfectly good clothes just because of a bad zipper.

All you’ll need to do is to remove one of the zipper teeth near the bottom of the zipper. Be sure it’s a tooth from the side the zipper pull is not attached to. Then, you can just thread the side of the zipper through the pull the same way you would with a jacket.

Watch the video below to see this lifesaving (or at least pants-saving) trick in action!

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