Old Log Becomes Gorgeous Floating Wood Lamp

by Rebecca Landman
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Have you ever stumbled upon a wooden log and thought it might make a great lamp for your home?

When Instructables user bcan found a perfectly cylindrical log, he immediately saw a “lamp” in its future.

Oftentimes, DIY and upcycling projects completely re-envision existing materials, with the end results not resembling the initial objects.

The beauty of this particular project lies in the fact that this DIY-er managed to give his log new purpose — transforming it into a lamp — but at the same time, preserving the log’s natural essence.

His design, in many ways, retains the log’s original shape, but makes room for the LED’s shining glow.

This project is a true celebration of the natural world, and a great reminder that creativity’s magical allure can certainly lead us in all sorts of exciting directions.

Scroll through below to see how this DIY-er transformed a simple wooden log into an exceptional, new lamp.

wood working

When Instructables DIY-er bcan found a gorgeous piece of wood, he immediately recognized it as the start to his next project.

What could this log possibly become? He decided to transform it into a spectacular lamp.

wood working

He began constructing his lamp by slicing the wooden log into rounds with a bandsaw.

His plan was to stack all of these rounds together, positioning them around a central LED light.

wood working

To make room for the lamp’s centralized LED light, this DIY-er drilled holes into each of the wooden rounds.

wood working

For seamless integration, he measured each hole precisely, using the base round as his guide.

wood working

He sanded each round carefully, for a unified look.

wood working

Next, this DIY-er needed a way to stack the wooden rounds so that each round would feel like it was levitating in place, allowing light from the LED to shine through.

He achieved this effect by gluing small wooden pieces in between each layer.

wood working

To further amplify the lamp’s natural beauty, he coated the wood in varnish.

wood drying

The varnish enhanced the wood’s innate character, further defining every inner ring and outer bark ridge.

wood lamp

Plexy tube and LED in place, his lamp was complete!

This project feels particularly effective because the DIY-er managed to maintain the natural look and feel of the log.

Concealed inside the wood rounds, the LED light feels like it truly emanates from the log’s core — giving off a seamlessly elegant glow.

wood lamp

This DIY-er brilliantly took a useless piece of wood and transformed it into a fantastic lamp.

What do you think of this lamp? Have you ever created something spectacular using a piece of wood like this? Tell us about your project in the comments below.

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