He Made A Rustic Wine Rack Out Of A Fence For His Wife. See The Amazing Results!

by Angel Chang
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One of the most fantastic things about working with wood is that the creative possibilities are endless.

In the past, we’ve seen how versatile wood can be, from crafting floorboards with only pallets, to building massive, sturdy suspension bridges.

Recently, an Imgur user and avid DIY crafter decided to make something special for his wife. She’d fallen in love with a picture of a beautiful wine rack online — so, this sweet hubby decided to replicate it to the best of his abilities.

He started out with simple fence panels that had blown over last winter.

He faced some structural challenges along the way, but was determined to make an addition to the kitchen that was perfectly rustic.

Scroll further to view the entire woodworking process, and to see the amazing end result.

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When this husband decided to build something special for his wife, he turned to a few old fence panels that were destined for the dump.

DIY fence wine rack

While sanding them down, he decided to not give them the "cleanest" look, in order to give them a rustic feel.

DIY fence wine rack

Then, using a jigsaw, he cut out the two ends.

DIY fence wine rack

On the bottommost board, holes were drilled to fit the wine glass stems.

DIY fence wine rack

Then, he used a miter gauge to cut out the slots.

DIY fence wine rack

Finally, it came time to assemble everything.

DIY fence wine rack

Then, he used boiled linseed oil to finish off the wood, and to give it a nice glow. It went on very easily, and dried surprisingly quickly.

DIY fence wine rack

In the end, he ended up with a beautiful, simplistic, and utilitarian wine rack for his kitchen. Hopefully his wife was thrilled with the results — because this is truly stunning!

DIY fence wine rack

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