Woman Collects Wine Corks For Years, Then Boyfriend Turns Them Into Gorgeous DIY Coffee Table

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Having a glass of wine at the end of the day is a great way to relax.

It can help you unwind from the stress of the day — and if you don’t feel like going for a glass  of wine, you can add it to delicious deserts instead.

If you’re a fan of drinking wine, you know how easy it is to go through a lot of wine bottles. Many wine fanatics like to collect the corks that come out of their wine bottles.

Wine corks, in addition to being extremely versatile, are great collectibles because they often say the name of the wine, vineyard, or production location on them.

Many people save wine bottles and wine corks to make cool DIY projects out of them — these turn into unique pieces of vintage, customized art and furniture and are a great way to upcycle some old bottles and corks.

After one woman spent years saving her wine corks, her boyfriend decided to make her something special with them!

wine corks

An Imgur user uploaded these pictures, explaining, “Over the course of many years, my [significant other] managed to collect a fairly large number of wine corks (300+). They reminded her of good times and I always figured I’d find some sort of way to use them in a project.”

cutting wine corks

With so many corks, he knew that he could make a big project, so he went for a coffee table.

After he decided on a design, he got to work cutting down the wine corks so they would all be the same height.

cork saw

As he cut them to size, he made sure all the special corks still had their names facing upwards.

Once all the corks were cut and had flat bottoms, he started placing them onto a piece of plywood.

wine corks glued

After placing them onto plywood in a design he liked, the next step was to glue the corks down onto the plywood board.

He let the corks go over the edge of the plywood so that he could trim them all at once after he was done gluing. Next, he encased the board of corks with pieces of Spanish cedar.

staining table legs

At that point in the process, he decided he wanted to stain the wood to match other furniture in their house, so he started with the legs.

Next, he stained the rest of the table and attached the legs.

wine cork table

The finished table looked completely gorgeous! The corks were arranged into a chevron pattern, which made them look more polished.

The completed table was both classy and rustic, which any woman would love as a gift.

The final step? Adding a piece of glass to the top of the table so it would all be flat and easily-cleanable.

The creator wrote, “The glass just rests on top of the corks. Because they were all sawn down to the same height, there’s no stress or unevenness (or if there is its tiny and the corks squish a little). There’s plenty of friction from all the corks, so no trouble with the glass sliding around.”

What do you think of this stunning table? I would definitely pay good money to have one of these in my house!

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