Sew The Neck Shut On An Old Sweater, And It’s Recycled Into A Fluffy And Warm Dog Bed

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

Here at LittleThings, our motto is “waste not, want not.”

We love finding cute and clever DIY crafts that take something old and turn it into something brand new, like these adorable mittens from an old sweater!

In fact, we think there’s something extra special about taking something that has worn out one purpose and giving it a whole new life!

Right now, our absolute favorite craft turns an old sweater into an adorably cuddly dog bed!


  • 1 large pullover sweater or sweatshirt, crewneck or turtleneck
  • Sewing supplies (a machine is optional, though it speeds up the process)
  • 1 stuffed pillow or bag of cotton batting


  1. Lay your old sweater out flat and right-side out, then sew the neck opening shut.
  2. Sew a V-shaped line from under the left arm arching across the top of the chest and ending under the right arm.
  3. Remove cotton batting from a pillow, and stuff through the sleeves to fill arms, neck, and upper chest.
  4. Stuff the body of the sweater from the bottom opening until full. Sew the bottom opening shut when finished.
  5. Tuck one sleeve inside the other and hand-sew shut.
  6. Wrap the arm loop around the body of the pillow. Sew the edges together by hand.
  7. Flip over, and give to your dog.
  8. Watch your favorite pup enjoy!

Get more instructions and learn how it’s done by checking out the video below. Don’t forget to SHARE this cute tutorial with all your dog-loving friends!

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