She’s Sick Of Her Dirty Purple Couch, So She Transforms It With Blue Paint

by Emerald Pellot
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Ever have a couch that looks great but feels terrible?

A sofa can become pretty grimy, dirty, and unsightly after you’ve sat on it or stained it with spills — or if pets have slept on it.

Yet, it’s hard to part with a couch that you love. After all, it probably perfectly grooves to the contours of your body. Additionally, purchasing a brand-new couch can be pretty darn expensive.

Suzelle, a DIY guru from South Africa, has an easy and simple way to upgrade your couch without having to abandon the beloved item or spend a ton of money.

All you need is painter’s tape, PVC paint, a paint brush, sandpaper, and a water bottle.

First, clean off any dirt or grime lingering in the couch grooves. Suzelle uses a vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt. Use the painter’s tape to block off any areas where you don’t want a splash of color.

Next, spray the couch with water, which will allow the fabric to fully absorb the paint. We’re sure you won’t want pieces of paint chipping off while you’re watching your favorite movie!

Afterward, place your PVC paint into a bucket or jar, and thoroughly water it down. The idea here is to do several coats to maintain the integrity and texture of the fabric.

After adding your first coat, let the couch dry for 24 hours. Once it’s dry, take your sandpaper and lightly sand off any bumpy parts. Repeat this process with two more coats. Remove the tape and enjoy your new-old couch!

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Video Credit: Suzelle DIY / Facebook

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