Pour Glitter Into A Tiny Jar To Make A Wearable Snow Globe For Your Next Holiday Party

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

The perfect holiday accessory can be hard to come by. You want something festive and cute, but you don’t necessarily want to look like a walking version of the holiday decoration aisle. Sometimes, a more subtle, but no less charming approach is what you need.

When it comes to finding the perfect accessory, sometimes taking matters into your own hands is the best way to assure you get something that’s perfectly “you.”

This necklace is a wonderfully crafty way to celebrate winter, and with a little cleverness, you can personalize it to create something that matches your outfit or your personality. Although it looks elaborate, it’s actually really easy to make and only takes a few simple materials that can be found at your local craft store.

Here’s how to do it. Be sure to watch the video to see how we made ours.



  1. Snip the top off a craft tree. You can measure it against your mini jar to get the sizing right.
  2. Squeeze some craft glue on a toothpick and coat the bottom of the inside of the jar.
  3. Using tweezers, place the tree in the jar. You may have to hold it in place for a moment to get it to stay upright. (If it’s easier, you can also put glue on the bottom of the tree before inserting it into the jar.
  4. Pour a little white glitter into the jar, enough to form a layer on the bottom, like snow.
  5. Replace the cork top of the jar. You can reinforce it with a little glue. Let dry.
  6. Run a chain through the loop on the cork and pair with your favorite holiday outfit!

You don’t have to use a tree for your scene, of course. Experiment with different ideas. Many craft stores stock miniature figurines that you can paint to turn into elves, angels, and Santas. Make something that speaks to you! Also, because these “snow globes” don’t have any liquid inside, you won’t have to worry about them spilling. They also make great gifts! SHARE to see what your friends put in their snow globe necklaces!

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