DIY Skin Care: Natural Home Remedies Found In Your Pantry

by C.B. Dionne
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Whether fighting the elements with beauty products that save my skin in the winter or taking a 30-minute break in my day to fit in some mini spa treatments, I’m always up for trying beauty tips from the experts.

When Dr. Ava Shamban  the go-to dermatologist of Extreme Makeover, a regular guest on The Doctors, and a resident expert for Allure magazine  said to “treat yourself like a queen,” I was in! Even better? Her DIY treatments cost a teeny tiny fraction of what it would cost to spend a day beautifying at a spa!

Drawing inspiration from the original cover girl  Cleopatra, of course  Dr. Ava uses ingredients that have been used throughout history for natural beauty treatments.

She has some super-easy tips on DIY beauty treatments made from natural ingredients like honey, paprika, tea tree oil, and coconut oil  that will help all of us channel our inner Cleopatras.

Even though most of these skincare recipes sound good enough to eat (and are safe enough to eat, too!), they still pack a ton of power when it comes to hydration, cleansing, and anti-aging. The key is that what your skin wants varies seasonally, so nourish it with seasonal ingredients just like you would with your body.

My favorite tips from Dr. Ava are to exfoliate with a brown sugar scrub and tea tree oil, and hydrate the face with a moisturizing mask that is honestly just oatmeal and strawberries. Yum! I’m excited to turn my kitchen into a skin-care laboratory and try all of these natural beauty treatments.

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