DIY Garden Table Transforms Front Yard Eyesore

by Rebecca Landman
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After a long, tiring day, we all deserve to arrive back at our beautiful, calming homes and abandon life’s little annoyances.

Now imagine that every time you entered or exited your house, you were, instead, greeted by a disgustingly rusted water pipe and electrical connection jutting out of your front lawn.

This is exactly the eyesore Imgur blogger gophercs had to face day in and day out before deciding to take matters into their own hands.

Fortunately, this sad sight was nothing a little DIY action couldn’t fix. Equipped with a stack of bricks, a bag of cement, some wood, and leaves, this homeowner got to work building the perfect piece to reclaim their beautiful yard.

Whether you’re jazzing up your backyard by building your own fire pit or adding other personalized touches, a yard can be a fantastic canvas for DIY innovation.

Keep scrolling to see how this DIY-er reclaimed their yard’s beauty with the most adorable project I’ve seen in a while!

garden hole

When Imgur blogger gophercs purchased a beautiful country home, it came with one unfortunate bonus — a water pipe and an electrical connection randomly jutting out from a hole in its front yard, generally covered by a plastic tarp. The hole was a real eyesore, ruining the home’s curb appeal.


While the previous homeowners seemed unscathed by the eyesore, the current owner wanted to reclaim the yard as their own. Though they didn’t want to completely remove the pipe and electrical connection, they did want to shield the pieces from further weathering — and from daily view.

Crafty DIY-er that they are, the homeowner decided to cover the hole with a cute brick and cement garden table.

The table-building process started by assembling a mold for the table’s concrete top.

leaves on table

This DIY-er chose to adorn their new table with a leafy design, giving the piece of furniture a personalized touch.

Each leaf aligned perfectly along the table’s edge, the design connected the table with its soon-to-be home — the natural world.

Leaves in place, the homeowner poured concrete into their mold and let it harden.

Next, they layered the bricks for the table’s base.

The brick-laying ended up being one of this project’s trickier tasks, as the homeowner used reclaimed bricks — each unique in size and shape.

cool door

For this particular project, form was just as important as function.

Wanting to shield the pipe and electrical connection from the elements without completely sealing off access forever, this DIY-er built a small door into the table’s base. They even added a decorative carving in adorable “Elvish.”

table bottom

That’s one of the beauties of DIY — every component of your creation can be as personalized as you see fit.

Projects like these are perfect opportunities to experiment with your personal style and aesthetic — you have total control!


The table’s concrete top was so heavy, the homeowner had to enlist the help of a local farmer and their “Pa” to move the piece into position.

After careful hoisting and maneuvering, the team locked the table top in place, and voilà!

The water pipe and electrical connection finally found their cozy new home.

Not only is this table practical in that it protects the abandoned water pipe and electrical connection better than any tired plastic tarp ever could, but it’s also a table the whole family can use for outdoor meals and gatherings.

garden table top

Now, the homeowner can wake up in the morning, venture outside, and have a lovely cup of coffee at their quaint little garden table.

That sounds like a fabulous way to start any day!

garden table new home

What started as an annoyance blossomed into a one-of-a-kind piece of statement furniture, adding even more charm to this lovely country home’s exterior.

What do you think of this DIY table? What DIY projects have you tackled lately? Let us know in the comments.

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