Drill Holes Into The Sole Of An Old Rain Boot, Then Pack Soil Inside For An Adorable Planter

by Caroline Hockenbury
Caroline is an editorial intern who enjoys running, making origami, and beatboxing (simultaneously).

Although I hate to admit it, my closet back home is filled with junk. The clutter includes too-small T-shirts and undersized tennis shoes, among other things.

I rarely rummage through these items, unless I am sorting clothing to donate. After all, what use could I find for something like a dusty, old rain boot that doesn’t even fit me anymore?

As it turns out, a shoe that looks like trash can be repurposed to make a cute and useful craft, like an adorable rain boot planter!

This is true for countless objects that may be sitting around your home. Take this adorable caddy, for example, made out of three empty aluminum cans, or these gorgeous sea glass bottles crafted from recyclables. You too can turn trash into treasure; you just need a lot of creativity and a little bit of know-how.

Check out the material list and directions below to learn how to make your very own rain boot planter at home. Then watch the instructional video below for more detailed instructions.

The process may be simple, but the finished project is precious. I would definitely put one of these planters on the steps outside my front door!


  • rain boot
  • paper towel roll
  • drill
  • small rocks
  • soil
  • soil scoop
  • plant


  1. Place a paper towel roll inside a rain boot.
  2. Drill holes into the bottom of the boot for drainage.
  3. Remove the paper towel roll. Pour rocks into the base of the boot.
  4. Add five scoops of soil, then bury a plant in the soil.

Would you place these cute planters on your porch or in your garden? Let us know your favorite way to display flowers in the comments, then please SHARE this creative craft with your pals on Facebook!

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