18 DIY Projects That Will Make Anyone’s Home Garden The Perfect Warm Weather Oasis

by Angela Andaloro

It’s no longer a frigid snowy mess! It’s time to get outside and become reacquainted with the great outdoors.

For those of us enjoying staycations during the warm-weather months, it’s important to optimize your outdoor space.

Of course, most of us are up against a budget. The good news is that you can absolutely do some simple work to spruce up your home garden. Better yet, it doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re feeling crafty, there’s a lot you can do to make your yard shine.

The best thing about choosing DIY projects when decorating your home garden is the feeling of satisfaction a finished job brings.

It’s also a great way to flex your creative muscle. Some of these projects are easy enough to get the kids involved in. The more difficult ones give you a perfect opportunity for some productive, enjoyable me time. Either way, these projects will bring your home garden close to being the perfect oasis for enjoying the long days of spring and summer.

Bird Feeders

diy projects bird feeder

Nothing will make your home garden look more lively than having some living creatures about! This DIY project offers two different but simple ways to create bird feeders. Once they’re done, you can enjoy bird-watching from the comfort of your own backyard.

Log Planter

diy projects log planter

This log planter is the ultimate example of upcycling. Simply plant your favorite annual flowers in a hollow log. If you don’t have any logs you can clear out on your property, you can contact your local garden center or tree clearing service. What’s even better is that when the log eventually rots away, it will fertilize the garden. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s sustainable, too!

Tiki Torches

diy tiki toches home garden

Replace dollar store tiki torches that may clash with your decor in favor of something more original. Simply grab some long-necked bottles out of your recycling bin and dress them up with glass marbles. This quick and easy answer to outdoor pests will make picnics and barbecues a breeze.

Flowerpot Table

Flowerpot Table

Take advantage of a sale on flowerpots to make a one-of-a-kind table that will feel right at home in your garden. You can simply stack them or go all in on attaching them permanently. From there, find an appropriately sized serving tray or pan to place on top for a sturdy, flat surface.

Flower Seed Bombs

flower bombs diy home garden

Making seed bombs is a fun activity to get kids involved in. It’s also a great way to get them into gardening in general. After creating these playful puffs, have fun getting dirty while planting them in your home garden. Watching them grow will bring back those memories all season long.

Bowling Ball Art

diy garden art home garden

Getting your hands on bowling balls for a craft project may seem a bit zany, but a visit to a thrift store can put you well on your way to having some adorable critters gracing your home garden. If you’ve got an abundance of basketballs, you can still make this project work, but you may need weights to keep them in place. This project provides a technique you can take in many directions to decorate your garden.

S'mores Cooker

S'mores Cooker

Give everyone their own personal s’mores station at your next family barbecue! This is a great use for those tiny terra-cotta pots that plants quickly outgrow. Grilling enthusiasts will have most things you need on hand, so it’s also easy to put together quickly if an occasion arises.

Pond With Fountain

diy fountain and pond home garden

People save up for years to add features like a pond or a fountain to their garden. If you’re willing to put in the work, you don’t have to. Installing your own can be easier than you think. These step-by-step directions can have you enjoying a new water feature in your home garden landscape in no time.

Wallpaper Patio Table

diy wallpaper patio table home garden

Take your outdoor table from drab to fab in a few simple steps! Using some scraps of wallpaper, you can decorate an outdoor table to become the focal point of a home garden. It won’t distract from your gardening, but it will make a statement all its own.

Seashell and Bead Wind Chime

diy wind chime

There are all sorts of ways you can make a wind chime to add to your home garden. This one catches the eye in particular because the beachy vibes will contrast with everything green and lush around it. Get the relaxing feeling of being close to the sea without heading to the coast.

Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden

Broken flower pots can be upcycled into a dreamy DIY fairy garden! Get imaginative with a variety of succulents, some glitter, little statues that bring the fairy garden to life, and so much more. It will add a charming little detail to your home garden that the kids are sure to adore.

Brick Garden Markers

Brick Garden Markers

It seems like just about every household has an unexplained pile of bricks lying around. Put those bricks to good use by upcycling them into garden markers. Simply write the name of what you’re growing in the cutest writing you’ve got on these bricks. Use a permanent marker to make sure the summer sun doesn’t fade your garden markers away.

Fire Hose Herb Garden

Fire Hose Herb Garden

You want to make the most out of every possible space in your home garden. This hanging herb garden helps make that possible, thanks to the inventive upcycling of an old fire hose. Not only does it look unique, but it’s an effective way to grow a number of herbs without taking up too much space.

Garden Swing

diy porch swing home garden

Porch swings are an expensive addition to your backyard, but making one on your own is easier than you’d think. It takes less than $150 worth of materials to make this gorgeous porch swing. If you’re nervous about cutting wood, your local lumberyard will be able to help out.

Backyard Summerhouse

Backyard Summerhouse

Adding a little structure to your backyard can be costly. Whether it’s a relaxing place for parents to hide out or a fun area for kids to play in, you can make it more personal when putting it together yourself. It doesn’t need to be expensive, either. Keeping an eye on garage sales, online local sales, and more can help you come across these materials for less than the price of buying outright.

Garden Gazing Ball

diy gazing ball home garden

Gazing balls can add a simple but visually appealing element to your home garden. This DIY take involves gluing pennies to a bowling ball, but there are a number of ways to get this effect. This project is a fun one to get the kids involved in, especially little ones just learning about money!

Tiki Bar

diy tiki bar home garden

Think building your own tiki bar is out of your DIY league? Think again! It’s easier than you think and can be done for less than the cost of a prebuilt structure. This is a great project for those who love entertaining outdoors with an adult cocktail or two.

Fire Pit

diy fire put home garden

So many homeowners dream of sitting around the fire enjoying cool spring and even warm summer nights. You can make it a reality and in less than 24 hours. This HGTV project can add some major appeal to your home garden without you spending tons of cash.