Beautiful DIY Planter Bench Upgrades Ordinary Patio

by Rebecca Landman
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I find it amazing how a bit of thoughtful design can completely imbue an otherwise irrelevant space with useful new purpose.

When Instructables user solmstea recently moved into her new house, she enjoyed every cozy room, except for one pesky detail. Her backyard was now ridiculously tiny.

Gazing out the dining room window, all she now saw was someone else’s brick wall.

However, she desperately longed for an outdoor space she and her friends could truly enjoy.

So, this crafty designer hatched a plan to revitalize her small patio with a new DIY creation. She decided to build a lovely 2-in-1 bench planter.

Built to last with ample seating, her bench’s planters would sport space for all sorts of beautiful new crops, sure to climb their way right up that boring brick wall.

Thanks to detailed design work, gorgeous materials, and expert craftsmanship, this builder can now step right out her back door and feel completely comfortable lounging and basking in the warm summer sun.

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When Instructables user solmstea moved into her new house, she was completely content, except for one small annoyance.

Her new home had a patio the size of a postage stamp.


Determined to make the most of her tiny outdoor area, this DIY-er got to work revitalizing the space with a crafty new design.

She decided to create a new bench sporting built-in planters.

The bench itself would offer ample room for her and her guests to relax, whereas the planters would liven the yard’s look and feel up with bright, gorgeous new color.


After taking her time perfecting this bench’s digital roadmap, she convinced a few friends to help her bring her creation to life.

They began by welding the bench’s steel frame together.

planter bench

This building team chose to go with more legs in their design, rather than fewer, for added stability.

Once the bench’s steel skeleton was secured in place, they laid in its wood boards.

planter bench

Next, they turned their attention to the bench’s key feature — its planters.

After lining the planters with wood, these builders covered their wooden cavities in plastic, protecting them from future mold growth.

They also cut drainage holes all throughout both the wood and plastic of each planter’s base, to help future crops grow healthy and strong.

planter bench

Finally, this DIY team conditioned the bench’s wood and planted its new crop rotation.


With a bit of DIY-ing creativity, this builder completely transformed her cramped backyard’s look and feel, creating a lovely outdoor oasis she’ll surely enjoy for years to come.

What do you think of this planter bench? Have you ever built a bench in your backyard? Tell us about your project in the comments below.

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