Treasure Chest Cooler Is Fun And Festive For Summer Parties

by Rebecca Landman
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Amazing party decorations can really rile up a summertime BBQ crowd.

When one Instructables user recently needed a new way to keep boozy refreshments ice-cold during his summer get-togethers, a different builder’s awesome DIY cooler design quickly came to mind.

The design had detailed how to turn a normal cooler into a treasure chest full of “liquid gold.”

Totally in love with this concept, this builder decided to recreate it with his own spin, and set off in search of the perfect cooler.

Luckily, a friend was tossing an old model out, so he snagged it for free and began his build.

Covered in redwood-stained pine plywood and adorned with oak boards stripped off an old pallet, decorative hardware, and earthy leather strap handles, this worn out cooler completely transformed into a festive icy cold treasure chest — the perfect party staple.

Thanks to his expert craftsmanship and savvy upcycling sensibilities, this builder created an incredible new treasure chest-shaped cooler, sure to impress all his friends.

Scroll through our gallery to learn more about how this DIY-er built his awesome new cooler.


When an Instructables DIY-er recently realized he needed a new cooler for his summer parties, he quickly decided against simply purchasing some run-of-the-mill model from his local big-box store.

A friend of his had recently shared photos of a treasure chest-shaped cooler, built by another maker, designed to house his boozy “liquid gold.”

disassembled cooler

Inspired by this awesome design, this builder decided to recreate it, gifting his version a few special twists.

He started by finding and disassembling an old cooler another friend had generously gifted him for free.

box for cooler

Once he properly gauged the cooler’s external dimensions, he began building its new base box out of pine plywood.

covering cooler

He chose to cover his new cooler with a seven-sided curved lid.

This type of lid would really accentuate the piece’s treasure chest look and feel.

spigot for cooler

To accommodate easy future drainage, this builder extended his cooler’s spigot through its new treasure chest facade, making post-party cleanup a breeze.

treasure chest cooler

Once he completed his treasure chest’s structural build, he coated its exterior faces with redwood stain, and fashioned decorative oak ribbing out of an old pallet.

treasure chest cooler

He even stenciled on a unique insignia, branding his beauty for all to see.

treasure chest cooler

After securing some classy leather straps and treasure chest-style hardware in place, his amazing new cooler was ready to house his sweet bounty of icy cold refreshments.

Thanks to his crafty skills, this DIY-er created a fun and functional work of art.

treasure chest cooler

When he needed a festive cooler for his backyard BBQs, this DIY-er created an awesome new treasure chest-shaped version, sure to keep his parties roaring all night long.

What do you think of this builder’s treasure chest cooler? Would you want one of these for your own summer party? Let us know in the comments.

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