These DIY Photo Slide Projects Will Absolutely Transform Your Home

by Ariana Seigel
Ariana lives in NYC but grew up in FL. She loves comedy, strong coffee, and impromptu performances by the mariachi bands on the subway.

I love taking old items and finding ways to upcycle them into completely new home additions.

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a ton of clutter in your home that, when sorted through, will provide the perfect inspiration for an afternoon DIY project  like this luxurious ottoman created from an old tire.

And when I discovered the wealth of upcycling projects that could be made from old photo slides that I have sitting in my closet, I knew I wanted to break out my glue gun and get to work!

For anyone looking to add elements of light and reflection to their home, photo slides are the perfect item to repurpose. So before you decide to bring those old picture slides to your local Goodwill, consider grabbing a little extra hardware at the store and crafting a piece that will display all of those good memories in a fun, new way.

Which of these DIY photo slide projects would you want in your home? Let us know in the comments!

Vintage photo slides from this DIY-er’s grandfather help create a gorgeous lighting effect as a lampshade for a store-bought lamp.

A collection of framed pantone slides projects a stunning rainbow of color in this DIY-er’s foyer.

A vintage photo slide is easily transformed into a completely unique necklace: the perfect gift for any film-loving friend.

Etsy user “MidwoodMemories” has dreamed up a completely original spin on your average journal by incorporating these reflective pieces.

You’ll never look at window treatments quite the same way once you’ve seen this gorgeous one-of-a-kind photo slide upcycle, made up of over 1,000 individual frames.

This DIY-er created a window curtain on a much smaller level. The Kodachrome film slides cast a beautiful light on a sunny day.

These vintage medical slides make for quite the eclectic night-light, but the creepy mini X-rays might end up keeping you awake instead.

This lamp is basically a movie in furniture form, with a totally different look from each angle.

A photo album you can wear? DIY-er Emily Steel created a gorgeous LED photo-slide dress, perfect for turning heads at your next party.

A few vintage frames make a cozy little candle holder to help brighten up the winter months.

This incredible piece combines the stunning photo slide lamp with a vintage camera, for a home addition that’s sure to win the hearts of photographers everywhere.

This crafty DIY-er built his own fake “stained glass window” by simply sticking photo slides onto his window with a strong adhesive.

This DIY floor lamp was quite the undertaking  it stands over 3 feet tall and required hours of focused work, as our DIY-er carefully attached each slide by hand.

This crafter took a box of photo slides depicting scenes from faraway lands, and stitched them together to create a lamp that lets you travel without your passport.

A slide light is a super-chic way to display old photos in a completely inventive format.

Wondering what to do with your old photo slide carousel? This DIY-er handily transformed it into a completely unique and retro clock.

Photo slides are an often overlooked item that can actually “light up your space” when recycled into totally new home additions.

Which of these photo slide creations do you like best? Let us know in the comments.

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Thumb image source: Flickr user Elton Harding