Patriotic Pinwheel Cupcakes Add Some Red, White, And Blue To Your Summer

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

The Fourth of July is almost upon us, and if you haven’t already started hearing enthusiastic types setting off firecrackers, you will soon!

It also means that it’s the perfect weekend for relaxing with friends and family over some barbecue and other summertime treats. But why not get a little patriotic in an edible way?

Get your America on with some red, white, and blue treats, as well as decorations. You can give a nod to fireworks with these Pop Rocks-filled cake pops, or you can try your hand at these cupcakes for a quainter, more timeless dessert. And it’s a lot easier than it looks!


  • Fondant in red, white, and blue colors
  • Square cookie cutter
  • Sharp knife
  • Rolling pin
  • Cupcakes of your choice


  1. Roll out your white fondant and cut out a square using the cookie cutter. Repeat with red and blue fondants.
  2. Slice the red and white squares into stripes.
  3. Place stripes on top of the blue square, alternating red and white. Trim edges.
  4. Make diagonal cuts at the square’s corners.
  5. Fold down one of the pair of flaps at each corner, alternating to create a pinwheel shape.
  6. Secure with a small ball of fondant and place atop cupcake.

Repeat these steps for each cupcake, and see what kinds of color combinations and designs you can come up with — the possibilities are endless!

Watch the video below to get the folding right, and please SHARE this patriotic dessert idea with friends and family.

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