Paint Your Walls Pretty With This Simple DIY Ombre Effect

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Looking to spruce up a room in your home? This is the perfect creative solution to turning a blank wall space into a fun, colorful feature.

Annabelle from YouTube channel “CatCreature” shows us how to make a beautiful DIY Ombre Wall, which she created in her bedroom. Annabelle turns her stark-white wall into a peaceful, pretty ombre from light to dark. You can achieve this look using two-to-three paints in the same color family — and Annabelle completed her wall in just five hours.

Watch the video tutorial below for the complete step-by-steps. Colorhouse Paint says, “Ombre is a blending of colors to create a fading effect.

When talking interior paints, it’s basically blending 2 or more colors on a wall. The ombre look starts with the lightest color at the top, which blends into the medium value color, which blends into the darkest hue at the bottom of the wall. It’s like horizontal stripes, but without the hard lines.”

This DIY Ombre Wall adds such a fun and calming touch to any room. I seriously can’t wait to try this on the wall behind my bed.

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