Make These Elegant No-Sew Curtains In Just A Few Minutes

by C.B. Dionne
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I love when a simple DIY project can transform the look of a room, especially when that DIY is inexpensive.

The next time I need heavyweight curtains to block out the cold, I am definitely going to try this.

As anyone who has shopped for window dressings knows, curtains can be extremely expensive — especially heavyweight ones. This Handmade Cottage DIY project for creating heavyweight curtains, though, makes them for next to nothing (provided you use items you already have around the house), and it takes less than 30 minutes!

All you need to make these simple curtains are a blanket or bedspread that’s bigger than the door or window that you’re covering, a lace tablecloth of the same size, and curtain clips, which can be picked up at most crafting or decorating stores on the cheap.

There is no cutting and no sewing involved, just clipping and hanging. This means if you only want these curtains for temporary or seasonal use, you can go back to using the bedspread and tablecloth once you take them down.

If this Handmade Cottage project gets you on a DIY kick, you can upcycle an old door into a coffee table, which requires a little more DIY prowess. Or, you can take the project outside and build your own greenhouse next, which is way easier than it sounds.

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