Medieval Dining Room Set Is A DIY Masterpiece

by Rebecca Landman
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Beautiful furniture often comes bearing a hefty price tag.

When Instructables user DenBeauvais recently strolled through a lumberyard with his wife and her sister, the trio quickly spotted a gorgeous dining room table the yard workers had constructed out of pricey wood.

The table was outside of the group’s budget, but completely within their aesthetic wheelhouse.

This DIY-er decided to use it as inspiration for a full dining room set he’d design and build himself.

Thanks to thoughtful planning, recycled materials, hard work, and trust in his instincts, this DIY-er was able to build a breathtaking, medieval-style dining room set on a budget.

By side-stepping the middle man and bringing a dream to life, this DIY-er was able to furnish his dining room his way for a fair price.

Keep scrolling through our gallery to learn more about how this DIY-er built his amazing medieval dining room set in under two weeks!

wood pile

When Instructables DIY-er DenBeauvais recently spotted an expensive rustic table, he immediately felt inspired to build a dining room set just like it — for less.

His dining room set would have a medieval feel, perfectly suited to his family’s aesthetic.

After modeling this dining set’s design using 3D modeling computer software, he began gathering his project’s necessary materials.

This DIY-er choose to build his dining set out of inexpensive construction pine, largely intended to give his table and chairs a more rustic feel.

building table

Materials and plans set, this DIY-er started construction with the tabletop.

He added braces underneath the tabletop’s four wooden boards to stabilize the entire structure.

sanding wood

Once he had the tabletop boards braced together, this DIY-er turned his attention to the table’s legs.

These legs were the table’s more complex components, so this DIY-er took great care into cutting and sanding each individual piece to perfection.

building table

He built each leg of the table and screwed its top in place.

Once the table was fully assembled, he hit the whole piece with his sander.

After a proper sanding, this DIY-er stained and varnished the piece to his liking.

sawing into wood

Next, this DIY-er turned his attention to the dining set’s end chairs.

He cut a cloverleaf design out of the back of each chair as a decorative detail.

building wood chairs

Cut to his liking, this DIY-er gave each chair piece a hearty sanding.

wood chairs

Assembled and varnished, these end chairs epitomized this DIY-er’s medieval aesthetic.

wood benches

This DIY-er decided to round out his dining set with a few benches as additional seating around the table.

wood bench

He adorned each bench with beautifully decorative clavos to further enhance their medieval look and feel.

medieval chair

Finally, he added leather upholstery to each of the two end chairs’ seats for added comfort.

medieval dining set

And just like that, this DIY-er built himself a full dining room set full of charm and character.

medieval dining set

Additionally, this DIY-er was able to build his entire dining room set in under two weeks for only a few hundred dollars.

With a few handy DIY-ing skills at the ready, he made furnishing his home with the décor of his dreams suddenly completely possible.

Thanks to a healthy dose of creativity, this DIY-er built a gorgeous, medieval-feeling dining room set in a matter of weeks that his entire household can now enjoy for years to come.

What do you think of this medieval dining room set? Have you ever built your home a piece of furniture? Tell us about your project in the comments below.

For more information about this DIY-er’s design, check out his website here.

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