These Mason Jar Pasta Salads Will Completely Alter The Way You Eat Lunch

by Angela Cook
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Making homemade lunches can be hard to do. Adding a little pizzazz to your lunch can also be difficult with a lack of ideas.

Whether that’s due to lack of time to make it, or not enough inspiration to spice up one of the most important meals of the day, it’s sometimes easier to just order in or whip up a plain ol’ sandwich.

However, with this fun recipe and tutorial below, I’m pretty sure your lunches will forever shift toward the more flavorful and interesting.

Just like these DIY Mason jar lunchables, these simple creations are convenient uses of household items that can really save you time, energy, and even your hard-earned cash.

DIY Mason jar pasta salads mainly require a Mason jar and your imagination.

Combining any type of pasta you see fit with a salad dressing and a protein of choice can lead to a magnificent nutrient-filled to-go lunch. Not only are these one-of-a-kind jars delicious but they’re beautiful to look at.

Not to mention, they’re also a life hack meant to make your preparation of lunches a whole lot easier. Be sure to watch the tutorial below so that you can make these Mason jar pasta salads at home.

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