Adorable Log Cabin Birdhouse Is A Woodsy Little Treasure

by Rebecca Landman
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There’s no right way to build a birdhouse, but some designs certainly defy expectation.

When Instructables user machoturtle decided to flex his DIY-ing muscles and build a birdhouse for his yard’s woodland creatures, he chose a design he’d long since kept close to his heart.

He’d always loved the look and feel of log cabins. So, he decided to build a lovely miniature log cabin birdhouse — a perfect perch for any wandering bird.

First, he chose a design plan best suited to his fancy. Then, he began piecing his adorable little birdhouse together. He glued each wall in place, sealed the structure with a cute little red roof, and lined the outer walls with fallen cedar branches.

In no time at all, this builder had a lovely little birdhouse, full of woodsy charm.

Now, every bird in his neighborhood has a lovely house to enjoy day after day.

Keep scrolling to learn more about how this DIY-er built his adorable log cabin birdhouse.

assembling bird house

When Instructables user machoturtle was itching to start his next DIY-project, he tapped into one of his longtime infatuations for inspiration: log cabins.

Now, he didn’t necessarily have the budget or time to erect a human-size log cabin. So, he decided to instead build a miniature version, as a birdhouse.

assembling bird house

After a diligent search for the perfect birdhouse design plan, he embarked on his build.

This DIY-er sawed out each birdhouse component, and glued everything together piece by piece.

shaving logs

Then, with its structure set, he got to work decorating each of his birdhouse’s external walls.

logs cut in half

This builder chose to line each external wall with decorative “logs,” made out of fallen cedar branches.

Before securing these “logs” in place, he debarked his branches, and sawed them in half.

bird house

He then layered each cedar log in place, overlapping them to add more decorative flair.

bird house opening

To grant his neighborhood birds access into his little house, he added a perfectly sized hole and perch.

This crafty DIY-er even added a cute little porch to his design, on which his flying friends could rest their weary wings.

staining logs

With its bright red roof, roomy porch, and several coats of polyurethane set in place, this little cabin was finally complete.

log cabin bird house

Positioned out in the yard, this little log cabin birdhouse will now surely woo all sorts of lovely songbirds into his yard.

log cabin bird house

Every crafty detail on this birdhouse’s exterior evokes artfully specific woodland charm.

log cabin bird house

This DIY-er crafted his glorious log cabin fantasy into an adorable birdhouse, sure to keep his yard humming with chirping birds all season long.

What do you think of this adorable birdhouse? Have you ever built a birdhouse? Tell us about your project in the comments below.

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