This DIY Knife Block Crayon Holder Is A Cute Way To Keep Art Supplies Organized

by Beth Buczynski
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Between toys, books, dress-up clothes, and school supplies, it’s a wonder that any kid’s room is ever clean.

That’s why DIY blogger Serena Appiah of Thrift Diving decided to turn an item that can be found in just about any thrift store into an instant organizer for kids who love to color.

Getting kids to trade TV and video games for crafts — like this DIY sidewalk paint project — can be difficult when supplies aren’t easily accessible.

With Serena’s super creative knife block crayon holder, however, kids of all ages will be inspired to turn off the electronics and spend an afternoon filling in their favorite coloring books, or creating new images using nothing but their imaginations!

This DIY project is quite simple as long as you’ve got an electric drill and a little bit of creativity.

Scroll through the images below to she how she did it, and for several other inspiring knife block projects as well!

We’ve all seen this aisle of the thrift store — the one that’s full of old knife blocks that no longer hold any knives.

Serena writes: “I was walking past this section of knife blocks and inspiration hit. I just knew I was supposed to buy one. And boy am I glad I did!”

One of those old knife blocks easily became a table top organizer that holds crayons and other supplies for her kids.

She started by painting the entire block a bright blue.

Then, using a power drill with a 3/4-inch drill bit, she turned the slits that used to hold knives into holes that were just the right size for a crayon.

Then, she added brackets for holding paintbrushes and scissors, and finished the whole thing off with some washi tape for decoration.

Isn’t it the most adorable organizer you’ve ever seen?

You can view lots more photos and instructions of how to make your own knife block crayon holder on Serena’s blog, Thrift Diving.

There are quite a few other creative ways to transform an old knife block as well.

Jenny from Refresh Living turned a knife block into a handy thread organizer.

This project from Such Is This is an adult twist on the crayon holder in which the knife block has been upcycled to hold office supplies.

And even if it remains a knife block, a coat of bright paint and some stenciling or other decorations can really make your kitchen pop!

What would you upcycle your old knife block into? Tell us about it in the comments!

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