Woman Paints Plain Cabinets, Then Lays Down Marble Paper For A Cheap DIY Kitchen Project

by Caralynn Lippo
Caralynn is a writer, native New Yorker, TV enthusiast, and dog mom to Hobbes.

Tired of your kitchen decor but not willing to spend thousands to remodel it? Take inspiration from this beautiful and modern kitchen makeover.

From the moment Vita and her husband moved into their new house, Vita had a vision of how she wanted the kitchen to look. She shared how she accomplished that vision in a video posted to her YouTube channel on December 16, 2016.

There was nothing particularly wrong with the kitchen beforehand, though it could have definitely used some sprucing up. The white countertops and wooden cabinets were perfectly nice and in good condition. But Vita decided to do something special for her DIY home makeover project.

Using just a few simple home improvement products, Vita transformed her kitchen with just a little help from her husband. Altogether, it took her less than a week to create the kitchen of her dreams.

First, Vita painted the cabinets. The kitchen had a lot of cabinet space, and the cabinets were so new that they didn’t need to be removed or even cleaned all that much. But she was able to jazz them up using just a few coats of white Home Depot paint.

Vita also added glass knobs to the cabinets, which had previously been missing knobs of any kind.

To go along with her newly white cabinets, Vita picked out black-and-white marble contact paper for her countertops. She also used a self-adhesive backsplash from Walmart with a matching color scheme.

The “after” version of Vita’s kitchen is absolutely beautiful! Check it out in the video below.

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