Use Your Iron And Some Crayons To Make This Stunning Autumn Suncatcher

by Angel Chang
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Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year. Not only does it mark the transition from summer into winter, but landscapes all across the country are dotted with radiantly warm hues.

And with the coming of autumn, there will undoubtedly be countless DIY projects that will prepare us for the festive season.

My favorite projects? Those that incorporate elements of nature — like this artist who transformed the world around him into stunning works of art.

That’s why I love the video you’re about to see! In it, Brenda shows us the brilliantly simple steps to making your own autumn-themed sun-catcher at home. It’s a great craft to make together with kids, and makes for a great decoration to any window.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 sheets of wax paper, measuring 8 ½ x 11″
  • Scissors
  • Crayon shavings
  • Leaves of different colors and sizes
  • Construction paper
  • An iron

The fun part about this craft is that there are endless designs you can make with just a few leaves you’ve picked up from around your house. The crayon shavings definitely add a fantastic pop of color to the artwork, too!

Watch the video below to see just how easily you can make your own autumn suncatcher together with friends and family. Please SHARE if you loved this craft, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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