Kids Have A Boring Bedroom, Then Dad Gives It An Amazing Harry Potter Makeover

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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It’s safe to say that the Harry Potter series shaped a generation of readers and moviegoers.

The books and movies brought midnight release parties to the forefront of society, and the tale of magical teens who save the day resonated with children and adults all over the world.

For years — and even to this day — Harry Potter has had a very dedicated fan base.

People have brought the magic of the Harry Potter books to their entire lives, from using the stories as inspirations for infant photo shoots, to redoing a cupboard under the stairs to resemble Harry’s infamous “bedroom.”

The books and movies that took over the 1990s and 2000s affected almost everyone — if you mention Harry Potter, people know what you’re talking about.

With new additions to the magical universe (like the Universal Orlando theme park, the play The Cursed Child, and the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie franchise) Pottermania has definitely made its way into the 2010s as well.

For one family, reading and watching the movies wasn’t enough — they wanted the world of Harry Potter in their home.

hp diy before

Most parents hope that their kids will have interests that reflect their own, as it will give them something to always have in common.

When this dad realized he and his kids both loved Harry Potter, he decided to give their bedroom a complete makeover.

gray paint

He took pictures throughout, documenting the entire process. Afterward, he posted the images on Imgur.

After taking all the furniture out of the bedroom, this dad taped off the doorways and floors to begin painting.

cheap picture frame

Since Harry Potter primarily takes place in Hogwarts castle, he wanted the room to look like it belonged there.

“The walls get a good coat of solid gray and the texture helps to create the ‘stone’ look,” he explained.

The next step was adding the stone pattern, which he did by using and manipulating a cheap picture frame.

stone stencil

Once he found a design and arrangement he liked, he traced the lines on with pencil, then went over them with a brush and black paint.

The black paint was meant to look like the grout lines between the stones.

wall lines

When he finished tracing and painting the lines on the wall, he realized they looked great, though still a little flat.

In order to make it more three-dimensional, he went back in with a darker color.

finished traced walls

“I mixed some black paint with the previous gray for the base coat to make a darker shade,” he explained. “Then I used a small roller to give it texture. It seemed to work best when I would roll most of the paint out of the roller before applying it to the wall so that it barely covered.”

wall with lines

Next, he chose an artificial light source and started dabbing white onto two sides of the stones.

This gave the stones an even more finished look, making them seem realistic.

wall stones

That was the final step for the walls. Don’t they look like they belong inside of a castle?

Once he was finished with the walls, the next step was to paint the ceiling.

He explained: “I used the base coat of black to hit the ceiling. Then I took some acrylics and started sponging them in random patterns after looking at pictures of space.”

night sky ceiling

The ceiling in the Great Hall of Hogwarts is magical and shows the outside sky, so this dad wanted to make it look like it was constantly nighttime in the room.

diy wands

Afterward, it was time to make decorations to complete the styling of the room.

He started by making wands with chopsticks, dowel rods, and hot glue.

glue wands

He would the hot glue around the wands in different patterns.

Some wands look like they had a particular design in mind, while others look more random.

paint wands

After the glue dried, he mixed together some brown paint and brushed it onto the wands.

In Harry Potter, all the wands are made out of different types of wood, so the color varieties all look incredible.

book spine

The next decoration he decided to tackle were books.

“I found some book spines online (and made some others) to print out. I bought a few random old books for really cheap at a used bookstore and taped them on,” he explained.

harry potter books

The books, which definitely complete the Harry Potter element of the room, feature some of the most popular textbooks and magical books the characters read.

harry potter book

Some of the titles include Rita Skeeter’s The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore, Bathilda Bagshot’s A History of Magic, and Gilderoy Lockhart’s Magical Me.

books owl

Placed around the room with other decorations like owls and wands, the books bring an authentic element to the room.

broomstick room

The completed room also included a beautiful broomstick, which would be tons of fun for any kid to practice “flying” on.

floating candles

Using paper towel and toilet paper rolls (and more hot glue), he also made some beautiful floating candles, which he hung from the ceiling with flickering tea lights.

potions decorations

Potions like the ones pictured above give the space an added air of magical authenticity.

harry potter room

What do you think of this beautiful Harry Potter room? I want to redecorate my room immediately!

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