Dad Turns Son’s Ordinary Twin Bed Into His Very Own Train Complete With Wheels And A Chimney

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is the Editor of Original Content. She lives in Queens, NY.

As a kid, I loved watching any home television shows that featured children’s rooms. I desperately wanted a bedroom suited to my interests, but it never worked out.

At one point, I had a lot of Tweety Bird decorations, but having an entire Tweety Bird room probably would have been a little over the top.

Some parents really go out of their way to create dream rooms for their kids — like the ones who crafted an insanely cool Harry Potter room.

It’s always awesome to see people make DIY projects, especially when they make something for their loved ones.

One dad knew how much his toddler loved trains, so he decided to make him a DIY handmade train bed and shared the whole process on Imgur.

It took a lot of work, building it from the ground up, but the final product is really spectacular. Best of all, his son absolutely loved the result!

bed frame

To begin, the dad built a basic frame out of plywood.

Once the base of the bed was built, he added some 2x4s in the shape of a train, to the head of the bed.

bed stain

After that, he built more of the train shape and began staining the bed.

He went with an espresso color for the stain to make the bed look both fun and elegant.

mattress bed

Once the stain was totally dry, he put his son’s mattress into the bed frame.

From there, it was time to move onto decorations.

bed red

The next step was to make the bed and add some more details to the front of it.

He even added a railroad crossing sign to the wall behind the bed!

front train

After attaching the wheels, the next thing he had to make was the pilot.

Again, he used normal pieces of wood to build the shape he wanted.

final bed

When the pilot was built, he stained it the same color as the rest of the train and added some red trim.

At this point, the bed really looks like a train!

son train

He showed the bed to his son, who could barely contain his excitement over being able to sleep in a train every night.

The little boy was so pumped about his bed that he immediately started jumping on it.

jump bed

Look at the grin on his face!

Even though making the bed took a lot of work, his dad knew it was totally worth it as soon as he saw it.

train bed front

The bed is just as cute from the front as it is from the side.

There’s no question that this little boy’s bed will make all his friends jealous.

complete bed

Do you know any little kids who would love to have this bed?

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