Woman Buys $1 Frame, Then Transforms It Into Wall Sconce Using Shower Curtain Hooks

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

If you’re looking to glam up your lighting, this DIY sconce project is for you!

While buying wall sconces can get pretty pricey, one DIY-er named Beverly has found a cheap solution using items from a dollar store and her local craft store.

It just requires items like a 3.5×5-inch frame, an 8×10-inch mirror, shower curtain hooks, and lots of stick-on gems! If you’re wondering how on earth these seemingly random items can transform into a glitzy sconce, you’ll have to watch the full step-by-step video below.

Beverly starts her project by removing the hooks on the mirror then sealing the back of the mirror completely with a glue gun. Then she takes strips of rhinestones and glues them onto the front of the mirror.

After that, Beverly completely transforms the dollar store frame with a few items and glues the completed piece to the front of the mirror. Already, the items look so different! Depending on how glitzy you want your sconce to be, you can keep adding rhinestones and gems.

To make the candleholder that will go in the middle, Beverly paints the shower hook to look like a ring band and glues it on. By adding a big gem, she creates the look of a diamond ring.

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Footage provided by Beverly’s Design Time. You can follow her on YouTube and Instagram

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