Old Encyclopedia Collection Is Transformed Into A Beautiful Side Table

by Rebecca Landman
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Rummaging through his parent’s house, one DIY-er recently found a set of old encyclopedias lying around, completely unused and forgotten.

Staring at these books, the upcycling gears in this DIY-er’s mind began turning. While most folks would look at them as useless relics of the past, this Imgur user saw these encyclopedias as pure possibility.

The work started immediately, transforming the set into a beautiful side table, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

With two expertly stained rounds of wood at each end, and books spiraling in between, this table is the epitome of upcycling innovation.

Being able to create something beautiful, unique, and useful out of items otherwise deemed as trash is a great skill. This kind of resourcefulness sparks one-of-a-kind projects that you’d never be able to find in stores.

Scroll through below to see how this DIY-er repurposed this encyclopedia collection into an awesome side table, and let us know what you think in the comments!


A true upcycler sees possibility in items others have long since dispelled from their minds.

Recently, one such DIY aficionado found a set of encyclopedias sitting unused in their parent’s house. And they decided these books were the perfect jumping off point for a new project.

table materials

This DIY-er’s parents had gotten the encyclopedias likely several decades prior. These books had essentially gone unopened for years.

Instead of throwing these perfectly good items away, this resourceful upcycler decided to reimagine their purpose — using them as the base of a new side table.

The building process began by gathering other materials to compliment the encyclopedias.

drilling into book

While these encyclopedia volumes could have simply been stacked one on top of the other to form the table’s base, this innovator decided to impart a bit more pizzazz into the project’s design.

The books would, instead, spiral around the base — adding to the table’s overall look and feel.

In order to achieve this aesthetic, this DIY-er drilled a hole through each volume.

hole in book

In order to achieve a perfectly rounded opening on each volume’s front and back sides, they partially drilled into each cover before sending the drill through the entire book.

encyclopedia table

Holes drilled, this DIY-er did a test run of what the entire table would look like, books spiraled in place.

table base

Prior to assembly, the upcycler stained the table-to-be’s wooden base and top.

This stain made the entire piece feel more put-together.

In order to secure the spiraled books in place, this DIY-er outfitted the table top with a metal rod.

encyclopedia table

Next, the DIY-er started threading each encyclopedia volume onto the metal rod, carefully spiraling each book into position.

encyclopedia table

Once the table had reached an appropriate height, this inventive one capped the second wooden round onto the end.

base of table

After sawing off the remaining length of metal rod and grounding down its roughness, this upcycled table was complete!

encyclopedia table

Thanks to a bit of good old-fashioned creativity, these long-forgotten encyclopedias suddenly have beautiful new purpose.

This upcycler turned a seemingly useless collection of encyclopedias into a beautiful side table.

What do you think of this encyclopedia creation? Have you ever repurposed a set of encyclopedias? Tell us about your project in the comments.

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