This Clever DIY-er Transformed Old Driftwood Into A Beautiful Mirror

by Elissa Salamy
Elissa is a writer from Philadelphia, currently studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina! She likes foreign movies with subtitles, fancy soap, loose leaf tea and punk rock.

Every time I make a trip to the beach, I like to bring a little part of the beach home with me.

Whether I bring back some sand in a bottle, or a few pretty seashells from the ocean, these pieces of nature can really do a lot to spruce up my home.

And there are certainly plenty of ways I can use these beach materials as part of DIY projects, like this gorgeous table made from sea glass.

Becky from Beyond the Picket Fence lives in landlocked Montana, without a coast nearby. However, she absolutely loves the look of driftwood.

Luckily, there are rivers, lakes, and streams in Montana that have plenty of driftwood to collect and use for amazing DIYs, just like the project Becky put together!

Using driftwood she collected on a camping trip, Becky was able to create a gorgeous decorative mirror.

Scroll through below to see just how stunning this driftwood mirror is as her latest home addition!

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diy driftwood mirror

Becky started with a used tabletop for the base of the mirror.

She found a leftover junk mirror underneath her bed, and firmly glued it to the tabletop.

Becky spaced things out by placing the larger pieces of driftwood around the mirror.

diy driftwood mirror

She temporarily secured these bigger pieces with a hot-glue gun.

diy driftwood mirror

Becky left space in between the larger chunks of driftwood for smaller pieces as well.

She placed the smaller wood in between and even layered some of it on top of the larger pieces.

But when it came to fully securing the driftwood, Becky wasn’t messing around. She turned to her nail gun.

diy driftwood mirror

She attached each piece of wood to the old tabletop using nails. She then hammered the ends of the nails down, and covered the back with a piece of felt to give it a more finished look.

diy driftwood mirror

Becky made sure to attach the driftwood with the curved part facing out so that it would lay nicely against her wall.

diy driftwood mirror

Becky had to carry the mirror like a waitress to transport it, but she was thrilled with the final results!

This one-of-a-kind mirror went perfectly with her quote that reads “Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances.”

Becky had cleverly repurposed nearly all of her materials  the mirror and the tabletop were used items, and the driftwood was salvaged from the lakes and rivers of Montana.

This simple and beautiful DIY driftwood mirror is an absolutely fantastic addition to Becky’s home.

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