Dollar-Store DIY: 12 Easy And Budget-Friendly Home Decor Projects

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

I love finding cute new decorations to sprinkle around my house, but they almost always cause a gut-wrenching reaction when I finally look at how much the items I want cost me.

Luckily, there are a ton of ideas out there for transforming budget-friendly materials from our local dollar stores into gorgeous products that often outshine the more expensive, already-made versions.

Plus, you get an extra feeling of accomplishment when you not only save yourself a ton of money, but make a home addition with your own two hands. Don’t worry, it’s totally fine to brag about mastering any of the amazing projects below even though they’re super easy to create.

Aside from the glue guns some of these crafters utilized to secure their items, everything in their projects only cost them one measly buck and can be found at a nearby dollar store!

Take a look and let us know if we missed a project you’ve tackled in the past.

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Thumbnail source: Flickr

1. Spoon Flower Candle Holder

DIY candle holder

This simple yet stunning idea comes from Keely-Marie Simpson. Grab a soda can while you’re in line at your dollar shop. Cut it in half to make the base, then fold over small sections to keep it from being so sharp.

Then you just hot-glue the trimmed spoons along the side and spray-paint the whole thing whatever color you’d like!

2. Succulent Phone-Charging Station

DIY succulent phone holder

This beautiful and functional project from Hermione Chantal is perfect for bedside tables. She used hot glue and cheap Popsicle sticks to create the mini planter, then filled it with florist’s foam, which she cut a hole in for a wire to snake through. Then she filled it with the faux succulents — just make sure to leave enough space for the phone!

3. Stone Trivet

DIY stone trivet

Rachel Talbott also shared how to protect your counter from hot pots, pans, and kettles by grabbing some inexpensive stones and gluing them to a circular corkboard.

4. Patterned Jewelry Dish

DIY jewelry dish

You can use whatever style of tissue paper you’d like for this easy-peasy project, also by Hermione Chantal, that just uses Mod Podge (the mini-bottles can be found for just a dollar) to secure it to a clear plate.

5. Multi-Paneled Mirror

DIY multi panel mirror

While fancy stores charge hundreds for this style of mirror, Kathryn from Do It on a Dime was able to duplicate the look by gluing and duct-taping nine mini mirrors from her local dollar shop together.

6. Glass Knob Hooks

DIY glass hooks

Classy yet cheap knobs like these can be found for just a dollar each. They can be hot-glued onto small mirrors like Katherine Elizabeth did with her project, or you can mix things up with any other sturdy material you find while roaming the aisles.

7. Mini-Rock Candleholder

DIY mini candleholder

After gluing candlestick holders to the bottom of plain glasses and allowing them to dry for at least one hour, Rachel Talbott filled them in with mini rocks to hold the small candles securely in place.

8. Temporary Tattoo Hanger

DIY hooks

Hermione Chantal found a brilliant way to use temporary tattoos in home decor. She painted wooden blocks — which can be cleverly repurposed Jenga pieces or craft supplies from the dollar store — and glued plastic hooks to the back, then gave it an extra dash of adorable design with tattoos.

9. Coffee-Table Tray

DIY coffee table tray

Rachel Talbott created this clever tray in about two seconds by inserting burlap rather than a photo into an ordinary picture frame that you can easily find for a dollar. You can mix things up with whatever fabric you’d like!

10. Dinosaur Magnets

Dinosaur magnets

This project from Janel at toDIYfor is probably my favorite one of them all! Pick whatever toy you’d like, then cut it in half and glue magnet strips to the back.

11. Spiky Mirror

DIY decorative mirror

Janel also showed how to add dramatic flair to a boring circle mirror by painting plain rods she found at her dollar shop and gluing them to the back.

12. Popsicle-Stick Shelf

Shelf decor

This geometric shelf shared by Keely-Marie Simpson just takes a little patience to layer all the cheap Popsicle sticks and make it extra solid. You can also stain or paint the finished product, if you’d like!

Did we miss any awesome decor ideas you’ve tried or seen people make out of the inexpensive items from the dollar store?

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