DIY Travel Doggy Dish: Perfect For Pup-Friendly Road Trips!

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

Summer is arguably the best time of the year to hop in the car and set off on a road trip!

Whether you’re visiting family or taking a cherished friend on a final amazing vacation, there’s just nothing quite like hitting the road and flooring it from sea to shining sea.

Of course, if you plan to bring a canine companion along with you, it’s important to pack the right accessories for the ultimate dog-friendly car ride.

Fortunately, we have a DIY tutorial tailor-made for dog-oriented travel, with a special focus on a dog’s favorite thing: food! This clever strategy uses origami methods and sewing to create a gorgeous, collapsible bowl fit for the high-flying Fido in your life.


  • Two 9×12 rectangles of patterned vinyl
  • Sewing machine and thread


  1. Stitch rectangles together back-to-back.
  2. Fold down the middle, then quarter.
  3. Guide the corners to the center fold and press down. Invert corners and turn inside out.
  4. Fold the edges into the middle on each side, then fold up the two bottom flaps and pin into place.
  5. Stitch the flaps down and open up.
  6. Serve food and watch your dog enjoy!

Check out the video below to see how it’s done, and don’t forget to SHARE with fellow dog lovers!

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