Make The Cutest DIY Dog Walker Caddy Using Just A Few Mason Jars, Some Wood, And A Stick-On Hook

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is the Senior Editor of Branded Content at Wild Sky Media. She grew up in upstate New York and Oregon and now lives in Queens, NY. Ileana graduated from Skidmore College with a degree in sociology. After graduating, she attended the Columbia Publishing Course in New York City, then worked as in marketing at Oxford University Press. Since transitioning to editorial, she has written for BuzzFeed, HuffPost, and Woman's World. She has also worked for local newspapers and magazines in upstate New York. In her free time, you can find Ileana watching Law & Order: SVU, eating ice cream, and spending time with her dog.

Every morning, I grab my dog’s leash from the front door, put it on my dog, then scramble around trying to grab a plastic bag and a treat for our walk.

If you ever find yourself running all over the house to get everything you need for your dog’s walk, you’ll adore this DIY dog walker caddy.

All it takes is a few simple supplies and a few minutes of time to make your life so much easier. Follow the steps below to learn how to make your own dog walker caddy.

DIY Dog Walker Caddy Supplies:

  • 2 Mason jars
  • wooden board
  • stick-on hook
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • table saw
  • drill
  • sawtooth hanger
  • dark tea
  • paintbrush
  • 2 hose clamps
  • empty salt container
  • knife
  • clear laminate
  • construction paper
  • brown paint

DIY Dog Walker Caddy Instructions:

  1. Determine how long you need the board to be by spacing the jars and hook evenly across it.
  2. Cut the board down to size.
  3. Drill a pilot hole where each Mason jar will attach.
  4. Attach a sawtooth hanger to the back of the board.
  5. Stain the board with a cup of dark tea.
  6. Screw hose clamps into the pilot holes.
  7. Attach a sticky hook between the hose clamps.
  8. Attach both of the Mason jars — one with treats and one with plastic bags.
  9. Paint a dog footprint on the board with brown paint.

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