Stitch Seat Belt Straps To A Piece Of Fabric, Then Hang In Your Car For An Amazing Dog Hammock

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

Learn how to make a comfy DIY dog hammock for your car with just a few basic materials and some minor sewing!

Like our adorable and useful useful doggy cool-down blanket, installing a pup-friendly hammock is the perfect way to keep your dog comfy on long car rides.

After all, most dogs love the car, but they get a little uncomfortable on long journeys. This technique lets them sprawl comfortably in the back, without falling down to the floor!


  • 3 yards heavy-duty fabric
  • 4 yards nylon webbing material
  • 4 parachute buckles
  • sewing supplies
  • 3 yards iron-on adhesive
  • 3 yards canvas


  1. Cut nylon webbing into 8 strips, each 9 inches long.
  2. Loop about 1 inch of nylon through the slit in each set of buckles, and sew into place.
  3. Flip fabric over.
  4. Pick one of the short edges of the fabric, and sew one of the buckle straps at the corner, then sew the matching buckle strap 8 inches further down the edge.
  5. Repeat step 4 for each of the corners of the fabric, and close buckles.
  6. Iron adhesive onto fabric, then stick canvas backing into place, and iron to secure. Trim canvas as needed.
  7. In the car, clip 2 sets of buckles around the driver and passenger headrests, and 2 around the backseat headrest.
  8. Invite your dog in for a comfy car-ride!

Check out the video to learn how to make this cute-as-can-be DIY dog hammock, and don’t forget to SHARE for fellow dog-lovers!

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