DIY Dad Creates Kid’s Obstacle Course With Pool Noodles

by Melissa Castellanos
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Remember field day as a kid? The beanbag races and the tug-of-war were always fun, but the obstacle courses were a real hoot!

Eric, the “DIY Dad,” is bringing back that joy and also doesn’t want his kids to die of boredom in the backyard this summer, so he’s come up with a DIY Kids Obstacle Course that is super easy and affordable. And as a matter of fact, you most likely already have the materials needed to embark on this DIY project!

All you need is duct tape, wooden stakes or dowels, beanbags, outdoor balls “to add some flair” to the obstacle course and pool noodles.

“The more pool noodles, the better,” Eric adds in the BabyLeague video, which is affiliated with FamiLeague, a TV network made up of family sports and inspiration.

With three adorable kids with golden hair and tons of energy, the DIY Dad slides the pool noodles over wooden stakes to make arches, vertical noodles, and hurdles. He also creates a ring toss, a jump-through ring ladder, and a water ball toss into three rings across the yard. Lastly, the kids can run through the vertical noodles, and then they can run and make their way to the finish!

All the kids appear to have a blast and the DIY Dad’s little daughter even attempts to do the kids obstacle course in kids’ plastic heels! The tiny baby also gives it a go! Too cute!

“We’re really excited about this one because this one is going to get us up and moving,” he said. “It’s going to get our heart rates going and it’s going to add some competition to the mix, too!”

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