Old Coop Upgraded Into Beautiful New Chicken Home

by Rebecca Landman
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Caring for a group of chickens is an exciting undertaking.

Social animals that they are, chickens love to run around, explore their surroundings, and peck at whatever warrants pecking.

However, these birds are also quite vulnerable to predators, particularly foxes, coyotes, raccoons, and the like.

Recently, DIY-er and Reddit user rassafrass rehabilitated a neglected chicken coop he found through Facebook, to keep his backyard chickens safe at night.

Once he started refurbishing the old coop, his entire family slowly found ways to help out with the project.

Soon enough, they had completely transformed this sad, tired chicken coop into a luxurious retreat for any winged foul.

Chicken coops come in all different exciting shapes and sizes. Getting the chance to design a structure like a chicken coop in your backyard is a fantastic way to impart your own design flair, further personalizing your entire outdoor space.

Scroll through below to see how this DIY-er upgraded this old chicken coop, using it to create a chicken wonderland.

chicken coop

Recently, reddit DIY-er rassafrass decided his chickens needed a new, souped-up coop to call home.

He took to Facebook, searching for an old coop he could refurbish into the home of his chickens’ dreams.

chicken coop

He quickly found a tired coop, ripe for rehabilitating.

Once he got it home, he and his family got to work bringing it back to life.

Building this new and improved chicken coop was certainly a family affair.

In no time at all, this DIY-er had his son helping install new nesting boxes.

chicken coop

In order to make the whole family’s life easier in the long run, this DIY-er installed side doors onto the coop.

Thanks to these doors, future cleanings would be a breeze.

Additionally, he outfitted the coop with new windows, so the family’s chickens would always be able to catch a glimpse of the outdoors — even whilst protected from hungry predators.

chicken coop

With doors screwed in place, this chicken coop’s new nesting boxes were completed.

chicken coop

After finalizing all of the structural repairs and upgrades, the family got to work coating this new coop in a fresh coat of bright red paint.

This DIY-er’s wife stepped in to tackle the more detailed areas of the coop’s exterior.

chicken coop

With a few rounds of painting, the old coop suddenly looked brand-new.

chicken coop

What would a chicken coop be without its very own gated outdoor space?

This DIY-er wanted to give his chickens the opportunity to roam outdoors without risking attack.

He started laying the foundation for his gated outdoor space.

chicken coop

Framing the entire structure in wood, he wanted to make sure the enclosed area was spacious enough.

He didn’t want the chickens feeling like they were always on top of one another.

chicken coop

Once the structure was in place, his wife stepped back in to paint.

chicken coop

With another few rounds of paint, as well as some diligent wiring, the upgraded chicken coop was ready to house this family’s precious group of chickens.

chicken coop

Thanks to the whole family’s hard work, these lucky chickens now have a beautiful coop to call home.

What do you think of this chicken coop? Have you ever built a coop of your own? Tell us all about your project in the comments.

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