Forgotten CDs Become A Beautiful Mosaic Table

by Rebecca Landman
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As technology evolves, all sorts of old products we had been using on a daily basis can suddenly lose all relevance.

Instructables user TroyH2 recently found himself sifting through a crate full of old CDs, which had been suffering this very fate.

Right before he tossed them in the trash, a fantastic DIY idea popped into his mind. He remembered an old side table he had gathering dust deep in the garage. This creator realized that he could repurpose his old CDs into a fabulous new mosaic design on this table’s top.

He cut his CDs into shards and glued them, one by one, onto his table’s top.

Slowly but surely, he pieced the project together. In time, he created a spectacularly beautiful table, sure to awe each of his future guests.

This savvy upcycler gifted his otherwise irrelevant CDs with beautiful new purpose.

Scroll through our gallery to learn exactly how this maker created his fantastic new side table.

old table and CDs

Just as Instructables user TroyH2 nearly threw all of his old CDs into the trash, a brilliant idea bubbled up to his mind’s surface.

This DIY-er remembered a rickety side table he had sitting in his garage, hankering for a makeover.

He decided to cut up these CDs, and arrange them shiny side up in a lovely mosaic pattern across the table’s top.

old CDs and paint

He started his project by cutting these old CDs into pieces.

Then he cleaned and sanded his old side table, and covered it in a fresh coat of black paint.

CDs on table

Then, this builder slowly but surely pieced his mosaic together.

CDs on table

He started with smaller sections, slowly working his way across the table top’s entire surface.

mosaic table

After finishing his composition, this DIY-er wanted to ensure his creation would stand the test of time.

So he spread a two-part epoxy resin over the top to seal his CD fragments in place.

mosaic table

Once the resin dried, it created a sturdy seal that protected his mosaic without dulling its shiny nature.

mosaic table

Instead of simply throwing out his old CDs, this DIY-er transformed his collection into a spectacular side table design.

What do you think of this mosaic table? Do you still have a collection of old CDs sitting around? Let us know in the comments.

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