Brilliant DIY-er Upcycles An Old Cable Spool Into A Backyard Duck House

by Phil Mutz
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It might not seem like the most exciting of base materials for a DIY project, but an old electric cable spool is actually perfect for upcycling.

These massive wooden spools can be transformed into anything from a rustic end table to a gorgeous living room bar. But the upcycling possibilities don’t end there.

One extremely clever DIY-er took home four large cable spools that a local construction site was giving away. Using a massive amount of ingenuity and creativity, he turned the spools into an amazing animal home  for ducks!

This project comes from an Instructables user who had an over-abundance of ducks at his home. He decided to solve the problem with a one-of-a-kind upcycle idea that made his backyard into a mini duck sanctuary.

Scroll through below to see just how easy it can be to give new life to an old electric cable spool.

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diy cable spool duck house

This Instructables user found four free cable spools from a nearby construction site.

He writes, “After a bit of staring and scribbling, we realized that one of the spools could become the upgraded duck house we needed, due to our abundance of ducks.”

diy cable spool duck house

The first step involved taking apart the massive spools. And while there were only six bolts holding things together, this process proved much more difficult than initially imagined.

This DIY-er writes, “These are bolts to be reckoned with: 32-inch long steel.”

However, with a little bit of time and elbow grease, he was able to separate the top and bottom of the spool.

diy cable spool duck house

He then replaced the large bolts with new ones to act as supports for the duck house structure.

diy cable spool duck house

He writes, “I placed the original ‘load-bearing’ boards in groups near the big bolts. When tightened, the bolts ‘pinch’ the boards for a nice strong joint. A few screws keep the boards in place.”

diy cable spool duck house

In order to keep his upcycling-theme going, this DIY-er made slats out of old palettes and filled in the gaps around the spool.

diy cable spool duck house

In order to have easy access to the interior for cleaning and maintenance, he chose to install a large swinging door.

diy cable spool duck house

He writes, “I hung the door, and added a handle and a latch.”

His duck house was finally beginning to take shape.

diy cable spool duck house

This Instructables user created a small entrance through which his ducks could come and go as they pleased.

diy cable spool duck house

He made a ramp out of old palette wood so that the ducks would be able to enter their new home without having to climb or jump up.

diy cable spool duck house

He writes, “The sides got a quick sanding and an even quicker coat of varnish. I filled the big internal gaps, [and] painted the inside brown and the top green.”

diy cable spool duck house

In order to protect the ducks from predators such as raccoons, he placed the duck house inside a large enclosure.

diy cable spool duck house

He put his ducks inside the enclosure and allowed them to explore their new digs. The result?

He writes, “The ducks love it!”

And while that could have been the last step, he took things just a little bit further with a second tier for the house.

He writes that the second level “would serve as storage for duck-related items, as well as a bench where one might sit and read aloud to ducks, were one so inclined.”

The finished duck house is the perfect place for his ducks to sleep, play, and explore. This DIY-er proved that a few useless cable spools can easily be given a second, animal-friendly life.

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