Creative Dad Builds Treehouse Bunk Bed For His Daughter

by Jessica Rothhaar
Jessica is a freelance writer for LittleThings. She’s a proud Pittsburgher that loves to drink tea and adopt cats in her spare time. When she's not hanging out with her kitties, Kiwi and Galdalf, she's most likely in a bridesmaid dress attending another wedding. She is a self-proclaimed Slytherin and would like to visit Harry Potter World as soon as possible!

Kids have incredible imaginations. No matter where they are, they can turn just about any room into a setting to match their wildest dreams.

Playing pretend is an essential part of any kid’s development, so it’s always great to hear about those parents that are able to recognize their children’s creativity and encourage it in any way they can.

One very cool DIY Dad we came across on Instructables decided to do exactly that. After purchasing a secondhand Ikea bunk bed, he decided to turn his daughter’s room into the perfect setting for some make believe adventures.

The final result of this DIY project is something any kid would have been lucky to have growing up.

Scroll down to see the amazing ideas this DIY-er came up with and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments!

This clever DIY Dad began by turning a stock Ikea bunk bed into an L-shaped bunk.

His daughter’s bed would sit perpendicularly below the new bunk.

He then began the process of making the L-shaped bunk bed look like a treehouse.

By using untreated cypress wood, he was able to give the tree house a rustic look.

Plenty of sanding was involved to remove any splinters.

Next, he moved on to the tree because what’s a treehouse without a tree?

The fake tree was made up of layers upon layers of polystyrene.

The polystyrene base was then coated with a paper clay skin.

The end result was very durable and realistic-looking!

The DIY-er painted over the tree with a few layers of brown latex paint.

In order to create the look of bark, he dipped into some darker brown acrylics to add depth.

After setting up the tree, the DIY-er realized he needed to add some color to the project!

He chose a very simple design for the tree’s leaves.

He cut out big canopy shapes from large sheets of polystyrene and painted each layer a different shade of green.

Even the ceiling fan became part of the fun!

The DIY-er is a bit of a self-proclaimed tech geek and he simply couldn’t resist adding a little bit of light to his daughter’s new treehouse.

The LED strips he installed create the illusion of a pretty, starry night.

This DIY-er’s daughter is sure to have plenty of adventures in her brand new treehouse bunk bed!

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