Dentist Sees Strange ‘DIY Braces’ High Schoolers Are Putting In Their Mouths

by Paul Morris
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Most “Do It Yourself” projects not only save money, but can really be quite brilliant with just how helpful they can truly be for your home.

Whether it’s an incredible DIY penny table, or what unique things you can create with a chapstick container, there are really some impressive things you can manage to do all by yourself instead of spending your hard earned money to purchase something at a store.

But when it comes to all things medical, or anything to do with your personal health, you should always be a bit more wary when someone says they’ve found an easy way to bring your body back to health without going to the doctor.

While it’s true that there are several tried and true home remedies, sometimes it’s best to leave some things to the professionals.

A new trend for children and teenagers all over the country has left countless dentists utterly horrified at what they’re seeing. Using rubber bands or hair ties, students of all ages have begun to make “DIY Braces” which can have some truly devastating effects on their teeth.

With promises that their teeth will be straightened in a matter of weeks, this scary new fad can easily result in our nation’s young people having their teeth actually taken out forever. So if you see anyone that you know who hasn’t had braces put in by a professional, make sure to do something about it! It could save their smile for life.

Warning: The images below might be shocking to some, but this information could save someone you love.

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