Clever Family Transforms Its Backyard By Building Modern-Looking Koi Pond

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

If you’re anything like me, you love spending your summer days hanging out in your backyard. Whether it’s having a barbecue or relaxing with a good book, your backyard can be an amazing sanctuary.

But if your outdoor space is looking a little drab, Tony Cece of Creative Fish Studio has an amazing DIY solution to add some serenity to the area with a modern-looking koi pond. While the pond does require upkeep with the fish, we think this is a beautiful addition to any backyard.

With the help of his son, they dug up the perfect area of their backyard to create a pond 3-feet-deep. In the video below, Tony takes you through his journey of how he created the space. He always provides essential tips and tricks if you’re inspired to create your own.

Many koi ponds can cost a homeowner $3,000 to $4,000, but Tony proves that doing it yourself can save you a ton. His modern project cost him $1,305 — half of a professionally-constructed pond. Not only does Toni now have a great focal spot in his yard, he also gets the satisfaction of knowing he made it himself!

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Footage provided by Tony Cece Creative Fish Studio

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